POS System for Restaurants and Manage your restaurant anytime, anywhere, across any device

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CUKCUK is the Cloud-based Restaurant Management Platform that helps restaurants to get real-time reports, take mobile ordering, payment, manage kitchen processing, inventory, purchasing, … On top of that, it encompasses a range of solutions – including marketing, customer experience management, HRM, and Many More!


Let your customers simply scan your QR code to send orders directly to your restaurant POS and Kitchen. Once restaurant receives, the customers will get a notification of the status of their order. Manage your own deliveries and keep your margins!Not only can you manage your own deliveries, CukCuk also help improve your marketing strategies, increase your long-term customer loyalty and add value to your edibles by integrating QR Codes on poster / food package / table standee.It also helps reducing your cost of issuing physical membership cards.

Online & Offline Modes

With cloud technology, you can work CUKCUK on ANY device, at ANY time and ANYWHERE, both online and offline. (cloud icon 3 ) In the event of an internet failure, CUKCUK will provide you with a secure local network. This allows the restaurant to continue to operate without any interruptions. – An automated customizable solution for restaurants of any kind.

Managed Down to the Ingredient

With CUKCUK, you can track every product down to the the ingredient stock level in real-time. Set low-stock alerts and automatically create purchase orders to replenish items as stock dwindles. Keep your stock levels at ideal levels at all times. Maintain confidence that your kitchen will always be stocked with the items you need. Call or messaged us for a demonstration 09-963612380, 09-968362617, 09-973617256.

Effective & Suitable for Restaurant of Any Size

CukCuk has got you covered!                                                                                                                

We have plans for single shop users and multiple-branch or franchises!                                            

Franchise Management                                                                                                                                    

– Multi-outlet surveillance capabilities to connect all of your franchise outlets.                                                

– Simultaneously set menu & promotion programs for some or all outlets                                                        

– Retrieve information from outlets and centralize data to generate 40 real-time reports and analytics 



Cuk Cuk Success Stories with Ragoon Tea House

Business appointments are held in the downtown area of Yangon. There are few people who do not know Rangoon Tea House, a place where people can enjoy a unique local taste 😎 What were the goals of the beginning of Rangoon Tea House?

With the features of CukCuk Restaurant Management; Enhance features, Inventory Management, Business Reports which can makes special for Rangoon Tea House?🤔

Ko Htet Myat Oo, Managing Director of RTH Group, told all of that to CukCuk Myanmar😊

Cuk Cuk Success Stories with MadameEm's

MadameEm’s introduce Yangon’s Nightlife with new culture and new concept which located in the center of city.

Services to mix different cocktails for your favorite and Tunes that enhance the Cocktail Bar Experience are the perfect choice for your nightlife.

What were the goals of MadameEm’s Cocktail Bar?

What make Live Report reports unique with the functionality of CukCuk Restaurant Management in managing MadameEm’s?🤔

Ko Pyae Phyo, Managing Director of MadameEm’s, told all of that to CukCuk Myanmar😊