Do you have a calculating problem in customer bill when customer want to know exactly and quickly for their bill in your restaurant, Cafe and bar

If you have a problem like that, we would like to introduce a system called Regi-Repo that can save your time and money in your business

Information Management

You can aggregate of managing in Sale Detail Reports, Customer Information, Invoices Information, Sale Reports for all branches

Sales report management

You can easily know Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly Sales Report in every branches of your shops


Can give Report Format in PDF,CSV and Excel

error management

Can reduce Human Error when calculating in Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly Sales

storage data management

Regi-Repo is a cloud base system that can keep cash sale data for long years

Anytime anywhere you are, You can manage your business timely by using REGI-REPO

Hirokei Myanmar Systems will give reliable service for System Security and Information Security like the way of Security Management Process using in Japan.

We will also use Inventory Management System as upgrade function in upcoming Update Version

In POS machine, Hirokei Myanmar System’s business partner Gandamar Business Solution upgrades the functions such as Casio BR-200 and Casio VR-7000,you can connected to Regi-Repo with full grantee Japan Casio POS machine.