• Do you have a problem of counting products section and number of products in your warehouse?
  • Do you a problem of incoming and outgoing list in your product?

        If you have above problems,you need to use W-Controller system

W-Controller is a Mobile System Application that can manage the incoming and outgoing list of products and storage for small and medium business owners.W-Controller is a Cloud-Based System that can keep your information safely and can manage and check your company’s details in anytime and everywhere with your Phone or Tablet.

The benefits that you can get from W-Controller are

number of product

Can know a number of products in your warehouse in real time

store the product

Can store the product by each block

manage expired product

Can easily check and manage the expired dates of products

product management

Can manage and check the incoming and outgoing of products anytime

W-Controller is a Mobile Application, you can use anytime everywhere and you can directly know your business situation with your phone/tablet.

W-Controller can support in management of the important information such as the number of products,the expired date of the products and also the incoming and outgoing products list .

The people who are the leader in management position should use W-Controller System.By using it,you can easily manage your daily’s work, can explain problems in short time and also can report.


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