web distributor

    • Do you have a problem of management in selling ?
    • Do you have a problem in ordering product and managing in selling ?
    • Do you have a problem in storage and product’s list gap ?
    • Do you have a problem in product keeping and repairing?

            If you have above problems ,you should use Web Distributors..

Web Distributor is a system that can control the management such as sales management,products order,storage and maintenance.Can accept advance sales,product shipments,selling each product by its term of priority,can easily check the current numbers of products and damaged products.Web Distributor is a Cloud Base System that can safely check your company’s information in anytime and everywhere ?

Web Distributor can help in sales management

Preorder acceptance

Can sell in advanced sales such as accepting preorders

product transportation

Can calculate the estimated dates and time in transportation of the products

caculation estimate cost

Can calculate the estimated cost of the total amount by the product

sales vouchers

Can open sale vouchers easily

sales product management

Can also easily make the management like receiving ,refunding and exchange the product

Web distributor can help in product ordering such as

product details

Can record ordering product’s details

product acceptance & payment

Accepting product and payment

product exchange

Sending product back to the manufacturers ,accepting money and exchanges the product

calculation estimate additional product

Can calculate the estimated number of days for the additional product

Web distributor system can easily check the above process from sales order and product information with Reports.
Web Distributor can also help in product storage section ..

product management

Can manage the saving product in warehouse and set the block with expired date

transfer product management

Can check the transfer of products from warehouse and exchange the product from each block

transferring product

Can record the data of transferring product to customer

checking product

Can check the incoming and outgoing product with labels by using Handled terminal

checking numbers of product

Can check the number of products by each warehouse

product management

Check the list of incoming and outgoing goods

Product management

Receiving products and exchange products

Web distributor can also help in maintaining part

service management

Can set the schedule for giving services from management team

tickets management

Can help the service for ticket system

task acceptance

Can accept the assignment and business record by Maintenance Engineer with Android Application

recording service

Can get Photo & Video records of the machine during the period of service

service details

Check and save the service record of each device

checking record service

Check the schedule and details of service